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Cupcake Menu
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Mini Cupcakes                                         


$10.50 .......half dozen        

$21....... dozen                                 

Full Size Cupcakes

$19..... half dozen

$35 .....dozen

  Daily Flavors

These flavors are available everyday

Red Velvet - Classic cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting


Very Vanilla - Butter vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream


Double Chocolate  Fudge - Milk chocolate cake with fudge filling and milk chocolate buttercream

Berry Strawberry - Strawberry cake with strawberry vanilla buttercream

Lemon Supreme - Zesty lemon cake with lemon filling and lemon buttercream

Carrot Cake - Old fashioned carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting

Banana Pudding - Vanilla cake with banana pudding filling and a vanilla wafer topped with vanilla buttercream

Cookies & Cream - Milk chocolate cake with cookies and cream buttercream

White Chocolate Raspberry - White chocolate cake with raspberry

filling and raspberry buttercream


Peanut Buttercup - Milk chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream 

Custom Flavors

     These flavors appear randomly on our menu. They are always available for custom order. 


                 Must order at least 1 dozen minis or half dozen full size of your selected flavor.

Caramel Apple - Rich apple cake with baked apple filling and caramel buttercream

Tres Leches - Three milk cake made with coconut milk topped with caramel buttercream and dusted in cocoa

Key Lime Pie - Graham cake with key lime buttercream

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl - Chocolate and vanilla cake with buttercream swirl

Toasted Almond -  Light almond cake with almond buttercream and crunch topping

Hummingbird - Spice cake made with bananas and pineapple topped with vanilla buttercream and coconut garnish

Snickers - Milk chocolate cake with caramel buttercream and nougat

Blue Velvet - A cross between red velvet and vanilla topped with vanilla buttercream

White Velvet - Vanilla cake with red velvet buttercream

Black Velvet - Red velvet cake with chocolate buttercream

Lemon Berry Blast - Lemon cake with blueberry buttercream

Coconut Lime - Coconut milk cake with lime buttercream

Chocolate Chai - Chocolate cake with chai tea buttercream

Pumpkin Spice - Pumpkin cake with vanilla cream cheese buttercream

Eggnog Latte - Cappucino cake with eggnog buttercream

Gingerbread Cookie - Gingerbread cake with vanilla buttercream

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